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Future in space

Future in space

Test Track - Future cars

Test Track

Shuttle to Moon

Epcot Disney world


Epcot Disney world

Recommended Rides

Tips for Water parks

Miami downtown

Locker Rentals, towel Rentals and Life Jackets are available at the entrance of the park.

Make sure to wear shoes for water.

Make sure to put on Sunscreen lotion.

 The park is closed is weather is not good (thunderstorm etc) so plan your trip accordingly.


 Some of the water slides have some height restrictions like 48 inch or more.


Tips for theme parks

Magic Kingdom

Get your fast pass as soon as you enter the park. Fast Pass saves plenty of your time and you don’t need to stand in big queue.

Using FAST Pass properly is most important thing you should do.  It can increase your enjoyment and decrease your waiting time.

 Parking is available in all the parks of Disney for a charge (except water parks).

Make sure to bring your ponchos as the weather here is unpredictable.

Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen.

 Some rides have Height and other restrictions (like Expectant mothers, Heart conditions etc).

Wheel chairs and Pram rentals facilities is available here.

 Don’t forget to get your Disney Photo pass if you want to get your pictures from here.

Disney’s Maps are available at the entrance of every park , gift shops and Souvenir shops.

 FAST Pass

South Goa


 The traditional method is you stand in queue for each ride. sometimes you need to stand in queue for 1 hour to get 3 minute ride.

 FAST Pass is like appointment you take so that you need not have to spend hours in queue. Your FAST gives you window of 1 hour. during this 1 hour you can take the ride.


But you cant go in morning and take FAST pass for each ride. You can only take 1 FAST pass, use it and then take next one.


Address of Theme Parks


In World Showcase you can find - culture, costumes, food for various countries.

United States
United Kingdom
   Italy, Morocco



Naples is on south west of Florida. Naples is very near to Everglades. You can get tour to Evergldes natioal park. Big motor boats or guided kayak tours are available.






Dodhsagar falls

Imagination has following three attractions; Journey Into imagination with Figment, Honey I shrunk the Audience and Image Works.





World showcase

Dodhsagar falls

World Showcase features 11 countries of the World including Mexico, Norway, China, American Adventure, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Morocco, Germany and Canada. Among these countries Norway has a boat ride and Canada, France and American Adventure has some short shows. One can also indulge in dining and shopping in these countries stalls.